Monday, July 08, 2013

Bogged Down In Horse Play at the International Museum of Art of El Paso Texas, by Deborah Flood

Here I sit, in a Hotel room in El Paso Texas, with the air on and it's around 100 or more outside my door.  Really gorgeous out there.

My first day into El Paso, I drove past the International Museum of Art of El Paso. It was a Friday afternoon, and I was looking for a place to park, after driving for 6 hours from Albuquerque NM (Actually, we drove for 7 days from Maine!). When I started to drive towards the big steps that lead up to the Museum Pillars, my son yells out "Look! There's your name on the sign by the road!".

We got the car parked, took a few photos of the entrance and the sign, and proceeded to go inside to meet and greet the Museum Staff.
What wonderful people! Though they wouldn't let me peek at the Gallery room that would house my 40 works of art. I could hear hammering on walls going on in there. I knew something great must be happening.
And the Museum Staff proceeded to give us a tour of the rest of the Museum. It's a really gorgeous old Mansion, with original furniture that was used by the people who lived there back in the day. So much History in that building!
Before we left for that day, the staff gave me a few of the Opening Reception Invitations they had created for the exhibit. They used the painting Bogged down in horse play for the image on the front.

My Opening Reception for my Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso Texas, was Sunday, July 7th.
I hadn't seen my works up in the Museum's Gallery room, until a few minutes before the reception started Sunday. All I can say, is that it took my breath away. To walk into that huge room, and see 40 paintings hanging so beautifully together, I was speechless. There are no words to describe the feeling of a large Solo Museum Exhibit.

An exhibit like that, is something I think about, when I think of deceased Masters. I always thought an Artist has to be dead, to have an exhibit like that! And yet, there I was, walking through the room, with 2 large island walls in the center of the room. The floors are polished wood, so clean, and uncluttered.

The Ceilings are high, and the lighting is perfect! All you see, is the art.

It's like each and every painting, is an individual, and deserves it's own spotlight. It's own moment of being special, and being treated special. Each work in this Exhibit stands out on it's own merits, yet they all compliment one another in such a perfect way, acting as a team, as a family.

Once the Reception got into full swing, it wasn't long before I was whisked away, to give an interview and photo session with a Spanish News Paper. This paper is distributed throughout El Paso, New Mexico, and Mexico, for the Spanish and Latino. That was fun, and they were so nice. That paper was to be published Monday July 8th. But I'm not sure if it has happened yet. The Museum Staff told me they would forward all PR, about the exhibit, to me, when they receive it. 

I am very pleased to announce, that after the reception, I was informed that the International Museum of Art of El Paso Texas, will be acquiring the watercolor painting Tribute to Texas (pictured above) For their permanent collection in the Museum! I'm so Honored to have a work in their permanent collection!

It was a wonderful day/opening, and I thank the Staff of the Museum for their wonderful hospitality and making me feel right at home! And for treating my art so special.

Now....I'll be spending time in El Paso, for some sight seeing, and then we'll be heading back up into New Mexico to enjoy a few excursions up there!

Thank you for following along. I appreciate your support and interest in my art.

~Deborah Flood


Avis said...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your International Museum exhibit with us! Proud to know you and your art! Congratulations, Debbie. Enjoy the limelight and the rest of your trip touring and absorbing the wonderful southwest!

Deborah Flood said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog post!
Deborah said... made it and did it. Wow 40 pieces. You have been one hard working woman and I am so pleased for you. If my hovercraft was here I would whisk down there just to see it all. Have a wonderful safe trip
peace n abundance,

Deborah Flood said...

Thank you CheyAnne!
It's finally here. Wish you could see it too, but I understand that you can't.
Thank you!