Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Facebook Event has been created for the Deborah Flood One Woman Museum Exhibit EL Paso Texas

I would like to announce that an event has been created on facebook.
This event covers the one woman exhibit of watercolors by Deborah Flood at the International Museum of Art of El Paso Texas, July 7 - August 25, 2013.
There you will be able to follow what is going on with this exhibit.
Even if you do not plan on attending, you can follow the event, by clicking the "Going" Tab. It is no commitment to go, just a way to follow along.
This is the link to that event page:

Deborah Flood


Cheryl O said...

All the best with the show, Deborah. Your art is gorgeous!

Deborah Flood said...

Thank you Cheryl O,
I appreciate your well wishes and taking the time to comment!
Have a wonderful week!