Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank you, to all of my art supporters and followers

Hi everyone! I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Monday! I know, it's Monday, I hear the 'groans' that's why I'm writing this! I want YOU to have a great day!

After having a disturbing phone call the end of last week, I want to tell all of you who support me and my art and my life's art journey, in every way, such as encouragement, emotional support, telling me your wonderful heart felt stories about how my art has touched your lives, or lives of terminally ill Cancer patients (I've had numerous stories from Cancer patients and their families, that my art has had a positive effect on them all) , how much fun the children have following my art, and so much more,
THANK YOU! I Appreciate every single one of you.

Because every one of you "Get" my art and my life's journey. You understand where these works are created from. From the depths of my total being.
EVERY painting I create is about the relationships I have throughout MY life with MY own horses and experiences, and I know that all of you who are horse people, or who ever had any experience or contact with a horse, understands and connects with the art.
The stories I weave into my paintings are about MY journey and no ones else', unless I'm paid to create someone else' story.

My art is also a form of entertainment, such as a song/music, books, movies, TV shows, plays and so on. Artist's write, sing, paint, sculpt, dance, act and film, they're own experiences into something that is touchable and can be seen. They take an idea, and use it as a spring board to tell their own story.
It is a journey that each artist must follow and explore in their own way.
Thank you, for understanding and connecting with my art, and thank you for following along and thank you for the support in whatever way or form that you are able to show me. I cherish you all.

For those who use my creative works for evil or to hurt others or think I have some devious reason for creating my art...well, all I can say is:
"I can't fix stupid".


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